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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kevin Jenkins, age 24.

Some people might know Kevin through his ever-expanding T-shirt company, Embrace Apparel. Some people might even know Kevin as the guy who introduced pro-body boarder Jeremy Wright to the sport. But I know this guy as a friend, a brother, and a role model for my life.

I've known this cat for about 2 years now, and one of the things that I've realized every time I hang out with him is that he makes every moment that he's around his friends count. He makes the most of his time by designing shirts for his company, and by taking on clients that need shirts, such as sports teams around Long Beach, and schools as well. He does this very well, and the continual running of his online-based company shows that he is dedicated to what he does, no matter what.

I met this guy at church, like all the other people I've written about. However, I've only gotten to REALLY know him these past couple months, and it's all been worthwhile. He lives in the same apartment as Louie, and their crazy antics make me so excited to someday live with guys like that.

Kevin isn't really a YouTube guy, but he SURE can cook! For example, today, he made Pad Thai, a Thai noodle dish, and that fed close to 15 people! It was rad, and his desire to grow in friendships is an infectious one! Kevin knows for sure that people think of him this way, but he's too humble of a guy to admit it! Kevin thanks for everything.

Here is a link to his website!

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