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Friday, October 1, 2010

Louie Huesmann, age 23.

Louie Huesmann is the oldest of his three other siblings, the son of a head pastor, a fellow LB State student, and I am so excited that I get to blog about him.

Louie has been a steady mentor in my life these past couple months. I've seen my life change dramatically, and it's because of the time that I've spent with this rad guy! I've known this guy pretty much all my life, and I feel that it's only been from the time of this past summer that I've really begun to benefit from the times we've hung out!

I've known this guy all my life because of church, Grace Brethren Church of Long Beach! This dude loves building community with people, and really just hanging out and having a great time! He also is learning to surf from one of my other great friends, Austin Adams, who will be getting HIS own post in just a little bit!  He definitely hates it when he gets woken up to early, and he hates it when his eggs are made over-easy, not over-hard. His favorite artist right now is Ben Rector, whom I introduced to him! He loves that kind of music that will just make you dance, and its shown through the Napoleon Dynamite dance he did for his Mr. Ram competition waaaay back in 2005. His favorite YouTube video, is that one of the lady getting hit in the face with a watermelon on the Amazing Race. Check out the link.

He is an inspiration to many, as he is a leader in the high school ministry over at Grace. He's been part of it for almost a year, and has been a role model to not just me, but to many other students around Long Beach.

Louie, thank you.

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